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. the iraq war began 10 years ago today, we will take you to the controversial war memorial. and pope frances has a special message for the world in his mass this morning. and also the bay area super bowl, the meeting tonight which could be a game changer, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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well, good morning, it is tuesday march 19th, i am dave clark. let's check in with steve paulson for the weather. low cloud cover will continue to stream in and light rain later on more likely for the evening commute, here is sal. right now traffic on 680 is moving along well as you drive passed the mission boulevard exit. also on the san mateo bridge, it's nice all the way out to the peninsular. it is coming up on 5:00 let's go back to the desk. they are now vowing to serve the poorest and the weakest. six hours ago pope frances has given a key symbol. before being installed to the
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st. peters' square in an open vehicle which was not covered by bullet proof glass and he broke protocol to kiss a disabled man's head. many packed in and you can see the greetings going on and we take you there again live, vice- president joseph biden was there for the inn tall layings mass and he -- installation mass and he shook hands during a meet and greet and vice- president joseph biden was among the political leaders from 130 nations attending the ceremony. janine de la vega is live in the county there to tell us more about the chase which ended in gunfire, jeanine?
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>> reporter: police and sheriff's deputies, you can see behind me, they have this street lit up and the shooting where it took place, they are recovering evidence from the scene. san jose police are driving in unmarked cars and spotted a stolen car and tried to stop it. they used lights and sirens so the suspect could tell they were police but that's when they rammed the police cars and a parked vehicle. one got out of their car and that's when the suspect accelerated. >> the officer fleeing for his life ended up crashing into a vehicle. ems was immediately summoned, suspect was transported to the hospital where he died of his injuries. >> there was a passenger in the suspect vehicle and he is being treated as a witness and is
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being cooperative. it is unknown if he will be charged with anything. right now we know they are adult males. we don't know why they didn't want to be stop by police other than the fact that they were driving a stolen car. we will have more information on that and no officers were injured neither were any of the people in the neighborhood. again police investigators from the sheriff's department are still out here and they are interviewing people in the neighborhood and this is all being handled by the sheriff's department because it is an unincorporated area of the city. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following developing news out of iraq and at least 66 people have been killed and more than 300 hurt in a series in and around baghdad. most are targeting shi'ite
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areas. now the attacks come on the u.s. led invasion of iraq. they are at the hillside memorial and they come from iraq and afghanistan. good morning alex. here there are white crosses on this hillside, actually 4,000 of them and there are many more dead. the organizers simply ran out of room here on the hill and what they did was put up a sign with the casualties and this morning it reads 6702. this is honoring service members in iraq and afghanistan. they first got the idea after he was killed and his friend own is the hillside property. they ordered the invasion of iraq and it was not long before many americans began to grow frustrated before the lack of
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weapons of mass destruction. critics have called for the crosses to come down and some described them as an eyesore. also vandals have turned it down from time to time. they will stand and likely will stand and he wants to keep all of these crosses up he said until all u.s. service members return home from the middle east. live this morning in lafayette, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well north korea does not -- north korea does not appear to be backing down, a simulated attack on the white house and the u.s. capital. coming up, what the u.s. military is doing in response to that north korean threat. new this morning, the city
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of santa clara may be hosting super bowl 50. santa clara council will agree to give up millions of dollars in order to host the super bowl. this follows months of closed door negotiations and they could impose it by the nfl. in may league owners will choose between the bay area and miami for super bowl 50. we have new details we have learned about a preschool in livermore which was shut down following a series of alleged violations and it will not reopen any time soon. after inspectors found two babies were being swaddled too tightly they found a baby sleeping in a car seat and high chair. social services cannot reopen under the current management
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and they are now banned from working at any facility. many are facing lawsuits over low-level counties instead of jails. they have sued riverside county and fresno. officials special a lawsuit in monterey counties well. they are citing inadequate mental health treatment and poor facilities. muni is proposing to take away parking spaces to make room for bicycles. this controversial idea involves the neighborhood on polk from mcalester to union street. one says it will be a disaster for local businesses. >> i just want to check in with sal on the morning commute how is it looking, sal? >> i just want to look at chp
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-- at the screen -- >> there is a lot of screens. >> yes, there are a lot of screens. there are not a lot of things going on which is good. if you are headed on 880 westbound to mcarthur maze it is looking good, no traffic westbound to san francisco, all is looking good across the bay. 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. it is 5:07 let's go to steve. a couple of breaks in the clouds had very light rain, maybe later on tonight, rainfall projections not much about a 10 of an inch to a third of an inch. so again a lot of clouds, but very little rain. some locations to the north temperatures 50s to near 70s
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after a few breaks in the clouds, snow levels will be very high. a lot of cloud cover continues to scream in but there are a few breaks and we will be mostly cloudy to cloudy. can't find any rain right now, things might juice up a little bit, 40s and 50s, excuse me folks. that cough is back. i have never seen anything like it. i digress, we have a chilly morning light rain cool err after -- cooler afternoon coast and bay, 50s to near 70s and we have a south wind showing up in napa. wednesday clearing thursday looking good and sunday we will have it slightly cooler. . >> all right, 509, we had
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protests yesterday. >> now these postal workers rallied against planned budget cuts. they say the hours need to be limited and postal service should not be spending $2 million on this forum. they wrap it up tomorrow. they will keep the government funned through september and the measurement goes to the house where it is expected to pass. connect is racing to pass a spending bill and the bigger battle continues. president barack obama will be focusing on fundraising. what president barack obama hopes to achieve by giving money to candidates for next year. we learned about a planned attack at a florida university.
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traffic looks good on the willow pass grade, we will tell you more straight ahead. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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. we have new details about an attack on central florida. this former student pulled a an alarm and -- pulled an alarm and his roommate called police
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when a student pointed a gun at him. when police arrived they found the student dead of a gunshot wound and four homemade bombs. a gruesome be heading of a wall street journal businessman was be headed. he was captured in pakistan and was later killed. a former leader was captured yesterday although he did not carry out the actual be heading. daniel pearl was captured to win freedom for al qaeda members being held at guantanamo bay. it shows a simulated attack on the white house and capitol hill. kyla campbell has more on the different opinions of what experts are saying, kyla? >> reporter: some say the video
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is simply propaganda and others say it is intentions for it's long range missile program. take a look at the u.s. capital building getting hit by an explosion and they translated one as saying, the white house is caught in a panoramic sight of a long range missile. we will add four long range missiles on the west coast sending a signal with its reason threats of a nuclear strike. >> the reason we are advancing our program for homeland security is so that we will not take any chances. >> reporter: those have a price tag of $1 million and they are already home to four of those intercepters. we will tell you what the white house is saying about these latest threats when i see you
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next kyla campbell. new details about president barack obama's visit to the bay area here, the president will be attending four fundraisers. two will be in san francisco and the others will be in other areas. the president said he wants democrats to win back control of the house of representatives. right now it is 5:15 let's check back in with sal, the commute has been smooth so far. >> it has. you might see some light rain on your windshield but all in all it looks good with no major problems. interstate 880 is looking good and some of that roadwork is gone and there are no major problems driving through. if you are driving on the peninsular 101 looks good all the way to daly city. let's go to steve.
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cloudzy to mostly cloudy, we had a little bit of light rain and sprinkles. very light. the main system will continue to send in cloud cover and we need that low to get in closer and heaviest rain will be to the north of us. we will have something later on so mostly cloudy, rain develops early evening and it will take us to wednesday morning and it will be cooler. rainfall projections are not that heavy and it looks like it is on the light side, were a 10th of an inch about a third to some of the wetter locations up towards mendocino and santa cruz mountains as well. we will have it high and this is a very mild system. not a lot of cloud cover, 50s on the temperatures for many and that will hold up these temperatures. the source goes way to the equator and it's pumping a little low forming and you can
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see it right there. we need that to get closer in the rain department but cloudy with rain, kind of a chilly morning even though lows are up. 60s to near 70 degrees, a combination with westerly winds, low 70s and 71. we will hold onto the rain and then on thursday, friday saturday, most of the rain looks good >> >> well this morning, financial minsters in cyprus are working on a revised plan for an international bailout. it will make them exempt to pay and so far that is creating more doubt on the european markets most of them are down this morning. investors in the far east are encouraged by an alternate plan. most of the markets closed with
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much smaller giants there. the futures -- smaller gains there. and for the nasdaq and s&p 500, that followed some losses yesterday. citigroup said they will pay $30 million to settle a class action lawsuit and the lawsuit claims they have misstatements and preferred stock disclosures. they denied those allegations but they settled with those allegations. they came close to earth and what congress wants to do about it. plus agreeing need for the food banks, we will have more on how you could help. get the morning's top stories sent straight to your cell phone every week day morning at 6:00 a.m. get your wake-up call by
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texting 70123. 880 is off to a decent start, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. ;
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. welcome back, this morning nasa is trying to fix a software problem for the rover curiosity. they are still in contact with the rover but that it can't
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roam around until a software file can be fixed. time now 5:22, contacting ones in the area. later they will address private ideas. they are looking at 20,000 hazardous asteroids orbiting earth. back here two teenage girls have been arrested for making threats in that high profile rape case in steubenville. charges were filed after two football players raped a girl last august. the 15 and 16-year-old girls went on facebook and twitter went on facebook to harass the
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victim. >> when i see you it is going to be a homicide, i take it seriously. >> those two girls are now being held in court later today. the alameda county food bank will be out of food later this week. the shortage comes when the need is growing and they can go further than donated goods. they can turn one donated dollar into food. >> they actually left the facility which is a startling need in this community. >> the food bank in san mateo county is also low on donations. starting today they will debate whether to use plastic bags the city is moving ahead with its own ban and there are
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other ways to reduce it with an out ride ban. they may end courage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags no file decision is expected today. time is 5:24 we do expect to hear from sal because he is right over there. >> good morning to you, we are doing okay, dave. i think you will like what we see, this is a look at the south bay, no major problems if you are driving through. also the morning commute is looking good on the sunole grade and 680 traffic does look good. let's go to steve. we had some very light rain overnight but the main system is still offshore and it will hold off for most into tomorrow. 40s and 50s, it is kind of a mild pattern here but the system is actually spending more time near the northwest and our system is still a ways
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away and mostly cloudy rain develops in the late evening, it will take us to wednesday morning, 50s and 60s to near 70s. it is a mild pattern and humidity will also be up and temperatures today is taking a downward trend into wednesday and we will look towards the upcoming weekend, dave? a singer leaves an audience shocked. what happened at a recent michelle shock couldn't certificate, -- concert, why some people walked out. also how sonoma county school helps people deal with somebody killed over the
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. good morning, steve is here to say we have a little bit of rain. every reporting station shows a few light showers. rain will come in later on, here is sal.
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highway 4 looks good coming up to the willow pass grade, no problems to antioch and concord and also if you are driving in san francisco it looks good, let's go back to the desk. the city of santa clara may be a step closer to hosting super bowl 50 at the stadium. joining us live we have what city leaders may tell us tonight, tara? >> reporter: city leaders said they would give up millions of dollars in lot of refer knew in order -- revenue in order to host the super bowl. they will be voting on several resolutions for support for hosting. the nfl has made a laundry list of demands and wants them exempt from all local taxes from paying a 9.5% hotel tax.
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also they must be removed from surcharges and others to fund senior and youth programs. and he said he doesn't believe what they are asking for is fair. >> the people can afford those tickets, the little bit of price they have to pay, it is no big deal and the city should be able to reap the benefits of hosting the super bowl here. >> reporter: another contender is miami but they have not complied with demands. in 2010 they rejected the nfls request and we will have to wait and see on that. coming up, we will let you know why they think they will make up for that lost revenue in other ways. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, tara, pope
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frances has been officially installed in vatican city and is now vowing to serve the poorest and the weakest. this happened just hours ago. pope frances was presented with the fisherman's ring, before being installed, the st. peters square is not being sounded -- surrounded by bullet-proof vests and he stepped down to kiss the head of a disabled man in the crowd. in afghanistan, they are still keeping track of those who served. as alex savage reports organizers say the crosses will stay until all u.s. troops are home. >> reporter: it is a day where many people pay tribute to the
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dead. here in lafayette, 4,000 crosses and many more have been killed but they simply ran out of room for all of those crosses so what they did was they put up this sign with an accurate tally of the two middle east conflict which reads 6702. this is believed to be the largest memorial in the u.s. honoring service members in iraq and afghanistan. they got the idea after the iraq war began in 2003 and his friend actually owned this hillside property. they ordered the invasion of iraq and of course it was not long before they grew frustrated by the loss of life and weapons of mass destruction in that country and it has become a source of controversy as well. some call it an eyesore and in
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some cases vandals have removed the crosses from time to time. obviously these crosses still stand here and the memorial's creator said he wants to keep them up until all u.s. service members return from the middle east and come back here home as many other troops remain in those countries. they are apologizing after michelle shocked went on an antigay rant during a recent show. she was performing when she shocked the audience bayousing der interrogator are you slurs against gays. she then told the crowd to tweet what she said and many people walked out on her show. >> my first order of business was to get the microphone out of her hands. >> the club is now offering
5:37 am
refunds and said she is banned forever. several other concert users are canceling her show in light of her comments. the special assembly is planned in memory of a teen killed in a sprint car crash over the weekend. the middle school in santa rosa will return from spring break and they will grieve together over their classmate marcus johnson. his teenagers described him as a model student and player. >> i was completely shocked. not marcus. >> now on saturday, johnson was in the pit area watching his cousin race at raceway park when the car suddenly went off the track killing them both. the memorial sits outside the
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muffler's shop and they are looking into whether a detachable steering wheel is to blame. they are tar getting unrulely antiabortionists offering reproductive services. this happened at several planned parenthood centers and the areas will apply to entryways an exits and driveways and hospitals will be excluded. a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. they will require congress to first agree progress is being made on border security. it comes on the agreement to overhaul the immigration laws. hall would like to incorporate
5:39 am
some of his ideas. a new study ends up in the hands of smugglers. now according to the trans border institute, all u.s. gun sales are taking firearms to mexico. an average of 200 firearms ended up in the u.s. and they will be available next weekend. they have a buy back and saturday's event starts at the airport in east hand hose. -- san jose. they will get $200 for each assault weapon. they are still facing a
5:40 am
real possibility to shut down in june. they are moving ahead in search of a new chancellor. they need to begin searching for candidates and the board is termed unfinished business as it fights to stay alive. they did not fix leadership and financial planning. well the mta is meeting about a taxi app. they may soon provide realtime information about wear their cabs are and when they will be available. they can take that information to connect people with the nearest available cab. right now it is challenging on special events and nights. if they approve this idea, the app could be available by the
5:41 am
summer. time now 5:38 what are you keeping an eye on, sal? this morning, there is not a lot going on pam and dave, let's look at what we have with the roads and i want to show you, you might see some wet roads out there but it is not really wet when i woke up it was slightly wet. it has not really caused any crashes or used vehicles. there is a new crash at carlson boulevard reported off to the shoulder. traffic in san francisco is going on northbound 101 from burlingame and redwood city, it is a nice drive. let's go to steve. a very good morning, rain later on, sal touched on some rain and it's cooler with a cool down and probably saturday will be the warmest day.
5:42 am
cloud cover is and coming in racing ahead of it's energy source. that little one right there, that is the one we will have to wait for, so it has a ways to go. more rain likely into tonight and unfortunately it does not look like a lot of rain. kind of like a light rain and projections are very light. about a third of an never and that's it. there could be heavier amounts and santa cruz mountains and if we had a half inch of rain considering this system does not have a lot going for it accept cloud cover. this system is coming in with mid-lower latitude. so far a lot of clouds not much rain on us, mild 50s and 60s, it looked cooler to me and so again we have to wait for this system to get here, things are
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juicing up and 60s to near 70 inland and 50s and 60s closer to coast and bay. after wednesday we clear out on thursday and it looks mostly sunny and warmer but still pretty nice. a powerful winter storm is hammering new england. this is overnight video from new haven connecticut. be aware that storm back east is also affecting many bay area flights. >> oh, boy. well a lot of police activity in vallejo, what we are finding out about arrests near the scene of a homicide investigation. >> plus where smoking could soon be banned. highway 4, this traffic looks good goating onto the willow pass grade, we will tell
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you more. way-there's no way. g this oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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. good morning, mostly cloudy skies. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are looking at. investigations are happening right now near san jose. it happened 6:45 near woodhaven vend drive. san jose police said they were forced to shoot when a suspect driving a stolen car backed between a police car and stolen car. they may be a step closer to hosting super bowl 50 near the new 49ers stadium and they will
5:47 am
agree later tonight to give up millions of dollars in revenue in order to host the big game in 2016. just hours ago, pope frances was officially installed in vatican city. they came through for the installation mass and you can see him here greeting the new pope, he is the first roman catholic pope. he is a among 130 nations at the ceremony. this morning oakland police continue to search for an armed man. they were called to the west lake area after receiving reports of an armed robbery. they conducted a manhunt and officers used a taser to arrest one man but one man got away. police believe he may still be carrying a weapon. they are learning more about a homicide investigation scene. police made two arrests and it
5:48 am
happened near a home where an elderly man was found shot to death on sunday. it is the 6th homicide in vallejo this year. oakland police are switching and expanding to a policing plan. jordan said they will divide the city into districts led by captains. it will allow them to build stronger ties in connection and it will allow them to use an understaffed area. it will soon be illegal to light up a cigarette in three palo alto parks. they are considering a recommendation at sarah wallace park. the city has received a lot of complaints about smoking and littering at those parks. they have received a "d" rating
5:49 am
because of its smoking policies. and a ban for electronic cigarettes in he contra costa county, this will ban them in areas where cigarettes are already banned and they are requiring electronic sellers of cigarettes to be banned unless they have a license. >> >> right now we don't see a lot going on but we see traffic waking up, if you will. there are certainly more people on the road but it has been a nice gradual beginning to this morning commute and if you are driving on 880, no major problems reported. it looks good on the westbound toll plaza at carlson, they did call the medics but it turned out to be not a big accident when it comes to big injuries
5:50 am
which is good. if you are driving on 101 and 280, it is damp out there, let's go to steve. a lot of 40s and 50s and light rain, the system is still pumping in a lot of clouds especially tonight into tomorrow, we have to wait for one low, that will give heavier rain, there is a little low back here spinning and we will need that to get closer and that will not be until later. maybe this afternoon light in the north bay overnight cooler and clearer for thursday rainfall projections are coming in and there is not enough of a mechanism to give us that. overall this is a weak system and there is not much rain and snow levels are high.
5:51 am
mild with a south wind and it is a little cooler over by the coast and showers on wednesday and clearing out thursday, friday and most of sunday everything looks good >> >> they announced home starts up in february and that's construction on new homes and rose in its fastest pace in four years. selling homes jumped a half of a percent and including apartments are also up and there is a positive sign as building permits also jumped the most since june of 2008. rising house prices helped people get out from being under water on their mortgages. they owed more than the house was worth and homes are returning to positive equity in
5:52 am
the final three months of 2012. twitter is bringing it to the moble masses and it is happening minutes after they happen. they can see it on tablets without leaving twitter and it will happen when the first game starts and they are supplying 15 second video highlights. >> that is tweet of them. >> very cute. >> it was 50 feet long, came right at him. california whale watchers got more than what they bargained for out on the water. preparations are underway from march madness. >> plus, download the free app, you can watch all of our newscasts live on our smart
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phones to be cooked any -- connected any time anywhere.
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. this is pretty amazing.
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>> time now 5:53 a pair of whales putting on a whale show for folks in southern california. look at this, the whales are swimming right up to the boat, they also swam in circles and rolled on their sides before diving back into the water. they were exhibiting typical mating behavior. they they are seeing more and more elephant sale pups are right now being cared for at the marine mammal center. they expect to rescue even more as pups finish betweening and they are out on their own looking for food. wildlife experts say call if you see a stranded pup but don't get too close and also keep your dogs and other pets away. they will take steps to make them more profitable. they want to sell it in dinesh
5:57 am
-- venetia but there has been little interest and they will start processing domestic crude oil. and in the world championship at at&t park tonight, it was quite a party as fans packed into the park and they he watched them defeat them. they say it is part of their national identity and they made it to the final game, game time for the championship in san francisco is 5:00. and it is coming soon to san jose... see, the ncaa regulation basketball court, one of the final steps needed to get the hp pavilion ready in san jose. regular business owners are
5:58 am
gearing up for regular days. you are only coming over all day long. they are due to play tonight in dayton ohio and they play in the first 4. a popular company has a yoga pants problem. you can see right through them. the pants are too sheer and any purchases can be returned. and the see through bottoms, they are affecting the company's bottom line. it is going down 6% since it is affecting financial results and i am looking at the stock it is opening down 5%. >> you are just saying that because you know i am about to start yoga. you see a crash in richmond, where is this in.
5:59 am
>> that's right, it is westbound in caltrans tonight and there were -- carlton and there were minor injuries because of the overturned vehicle and two right lanes are blocked and traffic is backing up well into richmond so give yourself extra time. you can go on the freeway after that but after carlson do yourself a favor. let's talk about the commute on the sunole grade. getting off on the way to pleasanton on the way to livermore valley and it is 5:57 let's go back to the desk. a bay area preschool is shut down. the disturbing incidents -- we will have more on the disturbing incidents that led

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